My Maria

The View.

It is wonderful, magical

A whole new world,

watching me,

staring intently at my face,

searching me for a sign of emotion.

I erupt into a look of utter amazement and joy.

The face staring back at me smiles too,

The smile belongs to the view,

The everlasting smile of the stunning sight at the top of Bishop and Clerk.


Sunset …..

The magnificent time of the day

When bright colours light up the sky in a zooming dash across the horizon,

chasing after the setting sun.

Soft clouds drift gently in their high up homes,

Looking almost artificial

as the bright pink colours light them up,

an orange crayon colouring in paper clouds

The Maria Island sunset is one envied by many,

for it is spectacular and beautifully unique.


Turquoise water,

So clear, so fine,

flowing swiftly and gently

up to the crystal white sand.

Out far far away from the shore,

small black shapes rise up to the surface of the water,

in a flash they are back down again,

unseeable below the ripples disturbing the clear calm water

silhouettes of rock and seaweed

hovering below them.


Trees reaching to the sky with their thin white branches

the whispering wind slowly sifting through them

quietly telling them secrets in a language no-one knows.

The far-off sounds of birdsong, ringing through the forest

enchanting the creatures on their daily tasks

mixing harmoniously with the rustling trees,

A forest band playing forest songs,

the melody well known on Maria Island.

5 thoughts on “My Maria

  1. Liz Goodacre

    Wow, Riley, these are really great poems. It sounds like Maria Island made a big impact on you. I hope I get to go there one day. Well done, keep writing and good luck in the competition 🙂 love, Liz Goodacre

  2. Esther

    Excellent Riley! My favourite line is a forest band playing forest songs. I also love the bit about the view smiling back. Just wonderful.

  3. wriggle8338

    Yes, Maria Island was the best experience in my life. you should definetly try to get there someday. Maybe when Caitlyn is older. 🙂

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